Siriraj urges caution in cosmetology

national January 09, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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SIRIRAJ HOSPITAL yesterday warned against the use of uncertified beautification methods and skin treatments, which often cause problems or even injuries that require recovery surgery.

Speaking at a seminar on dermatology, Asst Prof Dr Visit Vamvanij said that since beautification technology had progressed rapidly, many tools associated with it have been developed without standards or safety certificates.

This has resulted in several patients suffering complications or even injuries after being put through uncertified treatments.

He said a lot of the equipment was smuggled into Thailand by some Thai importers, who aimed to test them out on general public so as to determine if they can be used in local hospitals.

‘Choose carefully’

Prof Kanonwalai Kulthanan said perception in Thailand toward dermatology could be divided into two groups: people seeking treatment for skin-related diseases or other skin problems would not opt for beauty clinics and those seeking beauty treatments would not go to hospitals.

Hospitals and clinics themselves give respective services either.

He said Siriraj Hospital would expand its services to include beautification apart from treating skin-related diseases, she said.



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