Rush to prepare for floods

national August 01, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Irrigation officials are urgently fixing gates and embankments along key waterways - timely repairs that will be crucial in saving many areas in the Central region from flooding this year.

The rainy season has already started and several agencies are preparing to fight any flooding. For its part, the Royal Irrigation Department is rushing to finish repairs to many water gates and embankments along major rivers.

To be completed before the end of August are water gates on Wat Dok Mai, Klong Wat Tamnak, Klong Wat Sakae, Klong Koh Pin, Klong Wat Sing, and Klong Kanorn.
Already repaired are the Klong Ban Tat, Klong Pa Fai and Klong Bang Parok water gates. Work has also been done on the Singhanat – Lat Lum Kaeo and Singhanat – Sam Khok embankments.
Irrigation officials are now building the Phra Nham water gate in Sing Buri’s Prom Buri district. 
It is scheduled for completion before the end of September. They are also fixing many parts of the Bang Chom Sri water gate.
Last year, a huge flood crisis began in riverside provinces in the lower Chao Phraya basin around October.

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