Red Bull heir faces charge

national September 11, 2012 00:00


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Red Bull heir Worrayuth Yoovidhya will meet police tomorrow to acknowledge that he faces an additional charge of drunk driving over the hit-and-run crash in which a policeman was killed last week, Thong Lor police said yesterday.

Worrayuth, managing director of Krating Daeng Company, will be subject to heavier penalties if convicted, as sentences for drunk drivers are a minimum of three years up to 10 years, and/or a maximum fine of Bt200,000.

If he fails to show up at the police station at 2pm, Worrayuth may face an arrest warrant.

A butler at Worrayuth’s house, Suwes Hom-ubol, who initially claimed to have driven a Ferrari and crashed into accident victim Pol Snr Sgt Major Wichean Klinprasert, has been indicted at Bangkok South Municipal Court for giving a false statement and assisting others to flee criminal action.

He pleaded not guilty to both offences.

Public prosecutors later ordered police to produce more evidence against him, with another hearing for indictment scheduled on Friday.

Conviction on either offence could see him jailed for two years and/or fined up to Bt4,000.

A senior investigator, Pol Maj General Anuchai Lekbamrung, said if the family of the victim and the suspect wanted to discuss compensatory damages they had to do it privately, separate from the prosecution process. He said the police investigation report on the hit-run and drunk driving matters should be completed by the end of the month.

Thong Lor station chief Pol Colonel Chumphol Phumphuang said the victim’s brother was handling asset matters. His family would be entitled to posthumous welfare benefits worth around Bt1 million, he said.

Phornanant, the dead officer’s brother, said the Yoovidhya family had not contacted him directly for possible talks over compensation. He said they may contact him soon through the police.

Another investigator, Pol Lt Col Akkharawint Sukhonthawit, said the importer of Ferraris told police he was not able to acquire data from the luxury coupe’s “black box” to determine the speed or navigational details before and after Worrayuth’s car hit Wichean. He could not tell police when they could contact the carmaker’s experts to find out how to access that data.


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