Producers 'Do NOT Know about politics'

national January 17, 2013 00:00

By Khanittha Thepphajorn,

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Chatchai Plengpanich, producer of TV Channel 3's Nua Mek 2 and director Nonzee Nimibutr yesterday said they had no idea whether political interference had led to the abrupt cancellation of the SHOW on January 4, when the reason given for the withdrawal w

Chatchai told the House committee on political development, mass communications and public participation that the “Nua Mek 2” script and characters had been approved by Channel 3 before shooting, and the tapes had been submitted to the TV station. He added that he had not yet been told of Channel 3’s reasons for pulling the series.

Asked if the script had been modified to satirise a certain group, the producer said the show followed the previously submitted plot, and that “Nua Mek 2” was fictional and had no intention of satirising anyone.

Nonzee said he had modified the last three episodes of the series by adding more action.

Chatchai’s wife and series co-star, Sinjai Plengpanich, said: “We are saddened to see this happen because we followed all the procedures … We’ll keep working, with more caution and discussion. As Nonzee said, we are like shoemakers, we get the job done, submit it and get paid. But if the shoes hurt the person who is wearing them, then that’s another thing. We can’t help it ...”

She said the unaired episodes could not be broadcast via another channel because Channel 3 owned the copyright.

PM’s Office Minister Varathep Ratanakorn, who supervises Channel 3’s concessionaire, MCOT, told the panel that the government had no special policies for media outlets under its supervision, that the series’ cancellation was not the result of political interference and that MCOT was also demanding an explanation from the channel.

National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission chairman Natee Sukonrat and Prasan Maleenont, vice chairman of the Channel 3 executive board, did not attend. They will both provide information at a later date.

Meanwhile, Culture permanent secretary Prissana Pongtatsirikul yesterday said the ministry’s website had been hacked and posted with a football gambling link at 5pm on Tuesday.

This was followed by a further hacking at 2am yesterday by “the bad piggies team” to post two “Nua Mek 2” pictures demanding the airing of the remaining episodes.

 The hackers potentially face a one-year jail term and/or Bt20,000 fine, she warned.



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