Probes into Iranians show no links to terrorist organisations

national February 17, 2012 00:00

By Marisa Chimprabha

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The investigation into the series of bomb blasts in Bangkok on Valentine's day has so far uncovered no link between the four Iranian suspects and any terrorist organisations, a senior Thai security official said Friday.


Despite this, Thai security agencies will continue with their investigations to find out if the four have connections with a terrorist organisation, he said.
One of the four Iranians suspected of involvement in the triple blasts in Klong Tan district is now in Chulalongkorn Hospital after being maimed by his own explosive. Two others are in Thai and Malaysian police custody respectively, while the fourth, a female, has fled back to Iran.
The nature of their presence in Bangkok, their possession of explosives and their country’s position on Israel has prompted people to assume that they are members of a terrorism organisation visiting Thailand to launch attacks.
However, the official said the initial investigation into their records and background found no connection with any terrorism organisation.
The official doubted speculation that the suspects were possibly targetting or wanted to kill Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak who was scheduled to visit Thailand on Thursday.

The minister cancelled the trip after the blasts. The official said examination of the suspects’ movements showed that they had not yet booked tickets back to Tehran.

“If they planned to kill the Israeli minister on Thursday, they should have prepared their escape means and route,” he said.