Prisoners go 'Gangnam Style'

national November 28, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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'Gangnam Style', the most-watched video on YouTube, is even a hit in Thai prisons, where the Corrections Department held a contest using the hit song by South Korean rapper 'Psy'

Teams of inmates signing up for the contest could choose to copy the “Gangnam Style” horse dance, as seen in the music video

Or, the teams could dance freestyle

Corrections Department director-general Suchart Wongananchai said the event was held to encourage inmates to exercise more and relieve stress

Finalist teams were chosen from seven prisons

The rewards for the “Gangnam Style” and freestyle winners were a trophy cup and consumer goods

The winner in the “Gangnam Style” dance-off was the Ngorngar Team, headed by an inmate named Jes He said his 10-member squad had never danced before, so they watched the music video and practised Psy’s moves every afternoon for several weeks

“Everyone cooperated very well,” Jes said “We felt proud to win the contest.”


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