Prayuth slams barbaric killings

national February 04, 2014 00:00

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Army Commander in Chief Gen Prayuth Chanocha on Wednesday condemned as inhuman the insurgents' killings of innocent people and particularly the latest attack in which three children were shot dead.

“They (insurgents) have used guerrillas attack against the authorities, violating all rules of war. They kill innocent people with impunity, particularly children, women, the elderly and religious leaders,” he said.
He added that despite the insurgents’ apparent determination to win without any respect for life, the dialogue with insurgents’ leaders would continue.
Col Pramote Promin, spokesman of Internal Security Operation Command in Pattani, also condemned the latest attacks in Narathiwat’s Bajoh district on Tuesday night.
The insurgents opened fire at Jehmu Manun, 40, who was walking home after prayers with his family. Jehmu's children; Muyaed, 11, Bahari, 9 and Ilyas, 6, were all killed outright. Jehmu and his wife; Padiloh, were seriously wounded.

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