Poll reveals scepticism about Thai media, news reporting

national October 19, 2014 01:00

By The Sunday Nation

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Most people believe the Thai media's news presentation is being negatively influenced and want it reformed - including journalists having to pass an licence exam, a Bangkok Poll has revealed.

Some 79 per cent of respondents called for media reform. About 90 per cent want licence exams.
The respondents consumed news from TV (92 per cent) followed by social media like Facebook and Twitter (35 per cent) and various websites (34.7 per cent). 
About 86 per cent believed news presentation had the biggest influence on public opinion and the rest thought it did not or were unsure. 
Almost 65 per cent thought that the media was negatively influenced and could be bought, while 26 per cent believed otherwise. 
Most people (74.5 per cent) believed the news was not credible as a partial truth was presented, while 21 per cent thought otherwise.
Another 2.2 per cent believed the media was not trustworthy because it fabricated news and 2.6 per cent were unsure.