Policeman's homes, car seized in Lampang raid

national August 19, 2014 12:12

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Lampang Police on Tuesday raided two houses belonging to an anti-narcotics police lieutenant colonel, who was arrested in Chiang Rai province on Monday for allegedly being in possession 800,000 yaba pills and one kilogramme of crystal meth.

Both houses were in Muang district and the searches were observed by Pol Lt Col Chamnarn Pumpaijit’s daughter Pol Corporal Yupaporn. However police found nothing illegal in the houses.

Police confiscated the houses and a Toyota Fortuner parked at one of them, worth about Bt10 million.

Chamnan, who was working as with the antidrug police in Chiang Mai province, was suspended from duty following the arrest.

The arrest surprised many of those who knew Chamnan, as he is known for his active work in suppressing drugs in the north and was a popular speaker on the anti-drug issue.

It is reported that Chiang Rai police arrested him after finding the 800,000 yabas and the one kilogramme of crystal meths placed openly on the back seat of his car. 

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