Police waiting for DNA results in murdered girl case

national May 16, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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While police were looking for evidence in the rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl last weekend in Trang's Muang district, a neighbour of the girl and a person of interest was granted bail for a drug abuse charge.

Muang Trang superintendent Colonel Chairat Kanchananet yesterday said that, while waiting DNA test results, police also sent four teams to look for evidence, focusing on the girl’s shoes and bag while looking for the place where she was detained and assaulted. 
Police believe there were at least two assailants, he added. 
He said that the neighbour, whom police initially charged with drug abuse, was released on bail on Wednesday evening and police were waiting for the results of DNA tests on the men before determining whether he was a suspect.
After the girl went missing on May 9, and social media users shared information about her in the hope of finding her.
The girl’s body was found on Monday in a sewerage pipe on Phra Ngam Road, about a kilometre from her home.
Local residents continued to camp at the place where police found the body as they reportedly want to attack the killer. 
The girl’s funeral at her home was attended by many people and the cremation ceremony will be held on Monday. 
The girl’s mother urged people not to wire money to two bank accounts, which were announced on Facebook and supposedly set up to raise money for the funeral, because the family had nothing to with the accounts.

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