Police officer injured in Bangkok pile-up

national December 07, 2012 00:00


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A Bangkok police officer was seriously injured in an eight-vehicle pile-up on the inbound Din Daeng elevated road yesterday morning.


Pol Sub-Lieutenant Krit Jitdee of the Din Daeng Police said the accident took place at around 10.30am. It involved a Bangkok-Bang Saen transport van, a private company’s van, two taxis, one six-wheel truck, a Honda Sonic motorcycle, a red bus and a Nissan sedan belonging to Nong Chok policeman Pol Sub-Lt Sompong Sarakij. 
Transport van passenger Boonrung Thariya said that while the two vans were waiting for a green light, the bus crashed into them. This caused the Nissan, which was in front of them, to be crushed against the rear of the six-wheeler, leaving other vehicles unable to see clearly because the vans’ NGV gas began to leak. “It’s hard to believe the person who was in the Nissan car is still alive, because the coach bus crashed into the car so hard. The trailing motorcycle also had to suddenly break, and flipped over. Many people on the bus panicked and tried to run away,” he said. 
The accident caused a traffic jam in the area, as police closed the road section to clear the scene.
It was suspected the bus’s brake system failed, causing the pile-up. Police initially arrested bus driver Thichet Changyenkham, 42, for recklessness, causing injury to others and property damage. 

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