Plea to lodge appeal over acquittals in the murder of Saudi

national May 01, 2014 00:00


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THE CHULARATCHAMONTRI and the Central Islamic Council yesterday urged the Office of the Attorney-General to appeal against the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court's acquittal of five former police officers charged with abducting and murdering Mohammad al-Ruw

Suchart Settamalinee of the council read out a statement saying society questioned whether the change in the panel of presiding judges one month before the ruling had anything to do with the acquittal of the suspects.

Prosecutors should seek a higher court review for the sake of justice for the damaged parties, he said.

If the public harboured doubts about the justice system, especially the decision in this case, the country’s ties with Saudi Arabia, the 47 member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and other Arab nations would be endangered.

 The country risks losing trade and investment opportunities with these countries.

State agencies must urgently and earnestly tackle crime and murder to improve the country’s image and revive confidence of the world community in the country.

This call for justice has nothing to do with politics but was out of concern for relations between Thailand and Saudi Arabia, he added.


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