Parents urged to ensure kids are safe at all times

national January 11, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Nearly 900,000 children required emergency medical treatment last year, and over a third of them were victims of road accidents. The National Institute for Emergency Medicine (NIEM) released these statistics yesterday in a move to focus public attention

Parents who allow children to ride motorcycles without wearing a helmet were found to be a major cause of injuries.  “Thailand marks its National Children’s Day on the second Saturday of January every year with fun activities. However, this time we feel compelled to point out that many children were in danger last year,” NIEM secretary-general Anucha Setthasathien said. 
He said 899,817 patients who needed emergency services were no older than 15 years in 2013, and that 319,794 of these had been injured in traffic accidents, 91,902 had been injured in falls and 29,946 hurt in physical assaults. Some 3,612 sustained injuries from exposure to hot water, chemicals or electric shocks. And 1,598 were treated for water-related injuries. 
“Parents should be more careful. Most children riding motorcycles do not wear helmets,” Anucha said.
He also pointed that many parents failed to install child car seats for their young children. 
“That’s why children are the most affected when accidents happen,” he said. He has also called on parents to ensure that all power sockets at home are covered if they have young children at home to reduce the risk of electric shocks. 
Anucha urged parents to call the 1669 24-hour hotline in case of emergency.