Panda-lovers' hopes crushed as Lin Hui miscarries

national February 05, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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AFTER 128 days of gestation, Chiang Mai Zoo's hopes for celebrating the birth of a second giant panda baby were dashed when Lin Hui miscarried.

Zoo director Kanchai Sanwong and veterinarian Boripat Siriaroonrat, who heads the panda-breeding unit of the Zoological Park Organisation's panda-research project, told a press conference yesterday that the team found that Lin Hui’s behaviour appeared to have changed during the past week.

Normally, she was busy licking her genitals and building a nest, but she had slowed down since the middle of the month.

That “pregnant behaviour” completely disappeared on Sunday, which was the first week after her progesterone fell to the lowest level.

The panda was expected to deliver on that day, but on Monday evening about 5pm, the team found that Lin Hui had evacuated some reddish brown tissue like the placenta and a part of the embryo, which measured 1 inch by 4 inch, near the artificial stone garden where she always defecates.

The team concluded that the embryo had died in the womb and was excreted through her sexual organ.

The unsuccessful pregnancy would be due to the quality |of eggs and sperm as she |had conceived out of the |mating season, the team decided.


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