Odourless durians to hit the market

national May 23, 2012 00:00

By Thai News Agency

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Uttaradit on Tuesday introduced two new varieties of odourless durians, which are expected to generate wealth for the province.


Uttaradit Governor Yothin Samutkhiri said that the new durian varieties, the odourless, seedless ‘Longlaplae’ and ‘Linlaplae’ fruits, were developed in the province, which boasts the largest durian orchards in northern Thailand covering 27,000 rai (over 10,600 acres) of land.
The specially bred durians weigh about one kilogram each, with perfectly formed fruits.
Announcing the Laplae district durian fair, which runs from May 31 to June 3, Yothin said the season for the two new varieties will begin in June. The province expects to produce about 20,000 tonnes this year, generating income of least Bt900 million for producers.
Apart from fresh durian, processed products made from the spiky fruit, such as durian chips, preserved durian paste and durian spicy salad or somtam, together with varied local dishes, will be available at the upcoming fair, the governor said.
The spiky Asian fruit called durian has long been known for its penetrating and pungent odour and is offensive to those who do not have an acquired taste for the fruit.

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