O-net students to get 24 compensation

national February 12, 2013 00:00


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Some 400,000 Matthayom 6 students who recently completed their Ordinary National Educational Test (O-Net) in Science will be given an additional 24 marks due to mistakes in test papers.

Assoc Prof Samphan Phanpruek, director of the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (NIETS), told the press yesterday that there were mistakes in close to 30 items in the Science test paper No 200, which caused the students to lose 24 marks. Hence, he said, NIETS would add 24 points to their present score.

He said he learned about the debacle at noon on Sunday, and that he and the NIETS working team inspected the original Science test papers No 100 and 200, but found no mistakes. So, he said, he had regional test centres in Naresuan, Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen universities to fax them the test paper No 200, and found it contained mistakes. 
Samphan said preliminary inspection showed that there was no problem with test paper No 100, which was used for 200,000 students, but about 80,000 copies of paper No 200 carried mistakes. The test paper repeated nine questions worth nine marks and failed to include 13 questions worth 15 marks. Hence, NIETS has decided to give 24 marks to all 400,000 who took this test. 
“I apologise for the mistakes and the committee will see if the debacle was caused by the test-production system or officials. If any official is found to have caused problems due to recklessness, they will be removed,” he said. “This fiasco was a lesson and we have learned that we have to check the papers more strictly.” 
An official said the test-printing system had a problem with the last print of the test paper No 200, but relevant officials were not allowed to inspect the content because it was meant to be secret. 
NIETS board chairman Prof Somwang Pitiyanuwat said he told the director to provide him with a written explanation and would try to call a meeting with the members of the board at the middle of this month. 
A Matthayom 6 student, meanwhile, said giving 24 points was not a proper solution because it was not fair for those who had worked hard for the test. Some students even asked for the test to be held again, while others were happy with the compensation points. 
Also some Bangkok students said it would not be fair if the Office of the Basic Education Commission weighted each Matthayom 6 student’s cumulative grade point average with O-Net score because the O-Net standard was not acceptable.