Nine killed as cars collide in Trang

national October 28, 2012 00:00

By The Nation on Sunday

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Nine people died in a road accident after two pick-ups collided early yesterday morning in Trang. Five were found dead at the scene while the others died later at a hospital.


Police said one pick-up was carrying people back from a party held to celebrate a relative’s recruitment as a policeman, while those in the other pick-up were returning from a party for a relative due to begin serving as a soldier. Police found an alcoholic-beverage container in one of the pick-ups and believed the driver was under the influence. 
Meanwhile, a man was killed and five others badly injured when giant firework being made at a temple in Amnat Charoen exploded. The blast occurred when workers put saltpetre into a Catherine wheel. A spark from a welding torch nearby reacted with the chemical. 

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