New ATM card skimmer found in Chiang Mai

national January 11, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Chiang Mai Tourist Police yesterday warned the public that a new kind of ATM card skimmer had been installed on an ATM machine in the downtown market area to steal people's information and ultimately their cash.

Pol Captain Amorn Sopa said a bank had alerted police after it found a small chip along with a camera attached to the card slot at one of its ATM machines. 
This chip, which allows criminals to steal information, was not very visible to the naked eye as it had been painted over to match the machine’s body, he said. 
A police stakeout to try to catch the offender was unsuccessful as nobody showed up to check on the machine, so officers removed the skimmer and camera, and added the information to its database. 
Another bank also alerted police that some customers had complained about large sums of money being withdrawn from their account, Amorn said. 
So, police studied the security-camera footage and detected an Arab or a fair-skinned South Asian person withdrawing large sums. Police suspect a foreign tourist bought counterfeit cards with stolen information cheaply online and was using it to fund their travel in Thailand. 
Amorn has urged the public to alert the police and banks of any suspicious activity at ATMs.