NCPO 'not planning to crack down on illegal migrants'

national June 14, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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The National Council for Peace and Order will not resort to violence or drastic action to crack down on illegal migrant workers as rumoured on social media, NCPO spokesman Colonel Winthai Suvari said yesterday.

He said the issue had to be dealt with in the long run, but only in a gradual and careful manner, as it was relevant to national security and vital to the shortage of labour. 
Rumours of violent crackdowns being planned have allegedly driven many illegal migrants to abandon their work and return home. 
Winthai said all illegal migrant workers could register with authorities in several provinces, including Sa Kaew, where military trucks provide free transport to the workers. The deadline for registration and verification was initially set for August 11, but was extended recently to next year, he added.