Muay Thai justice for brawlers seen as a rights violation

national April 17, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) yesterday said Buriram Football Club president Newin Chidchob's idea to bring on stage the youngsters, who had reportedly been fist fighting during the club's Songkran celebrations, to fight with professional

The free-style matches without referee reflected the Thai society’s issue of people often resorting to the use of violence and violated the five youngsters’ rights and liberty, if such fights resulted to injuries or deaths, NHRC member Niran Pitakwatchara said. 
Newin also wasn’t a court judge to decide and punish the wrongdoing of people with such a method, ever though such action might be done by Newin’s good intention. 
The country had a law and justice procedure to cover this matter, he added. 
Niran said individuals injured in the boxing ring could file lawsuits because this was regarded as a criminal case. 
He went on that if these individuals and relatives wanted the NHRC to investigate, they had to file an official request for NHRC probe, or, the NHRC could table this matter for consideration. 
Should there be a request, the NHRC would carry out a fact-finding inquiry from both sides first and police would also be invited to explain what happened, as to ensure justice, he explained.

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