Monk says temples in Europe will take him: supporter

national July 13, 2013 00:00

By Pakamas Jaichalard,
Wichit Me

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Luang Pu Nenkham dismissed a threat by Thai monastic authorities to expel him and claimed Buddhist temples in France and Germany were ready to take him in. He said he would return to Thailand on July 31 with "bigger greatness", key follower Sukhum Wongpra

The Office of National Buddhism chief Nopparat Benjawatananun warned, however, that such a move was impractical and would still end up with the monk lacking authority or being unsupervised, because temples overseas weren’t under Thai law or the Buddhist Order Act.
A transfer of supervision needed permission from the previous supervisor as well as an official letter from the new supervising temple, he said.
Sukhum yesterday submitted a request for justice to the Supreme Patriarch’s Secretary’s Office at Wat Bovornniwet but it was turned down on grounds that he didn’t make an appointment and he wasn’t a “damaged party”. He also lacked a proper letter to show he had permission to act on the monk’s behalf. 
So Sukhum gave the letter to Wat Bovornniwet abbot assistant Phra Thepsarnvethi, who said he would present it to Acting Dhammayut order head, Somdej Phra Wannarat, although there is a procedure in the Sangha chain of command to handle such issues. 
Sukhum requested that the Ubon Ratchathani monastic committee extend its deadline for Luang Pu Nenkham to report himself be postponed to July 31. Sukhum also urged Ubon Ratchathani monastic chief and the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to consider a recent confession by the monk’s younger brother, identified only as Suri, who they say is the man in the photograph picture, which people previously speculated was the monk and a female. 
He said Suri, who ordained at the same temple, had left the monkshood a few years ago. He also urged that the DNA test result – key evidence in moves to disrobe the monk before facing criminal charges – should meet international standard. 
Sukhum, who said he was in “constant contact via Line and Facebook” with the monk, said the monk would return on July 31 “with bigger greatness” and the threat by a temple at Ubon Ratchathani to expel him was not a worry, because Buddhist temples in France and Germany were ready to take him in. He said he would reveal details of his contact with the monk on Monday. Sukhum is linked to the World Peace University, which is also under investigation.
The DSI yesterday submitted a report of alleged criminal violations by the monk to senior monks at a temple in Ubon Ratchathani who are considering whether to expel him. They include a DNA test on the monk’s alleged son (results of which are due today). 
Phra Rajathamkosol, abbot of Wat Tai Phrachao Yai Ong Teu, said the DSI should handle criminal allegations while his side handles the monk’s violations of Sangha rules. He expected the monk would be expelled by midnight last night. 

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