Mathayom 6 students fare poorly in O-Net

national February 12, 2014 00:00

By Chuleeporn Aramnet
The Nation

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O-Net got less than 50% in all subjects but one

MATHAYOM 6 students’ latest average scores in the Ordinary National Educational Test (O-Net) are lower than 50 per cent in six out of seven general education |subjects.

These six subjects are social studies, English, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

The students’ average score was above 50 per cent only in the Thai-language O-Net. The average score in that subject was 54.35 out of a possible 100.

Their average scores in the other six subjects ranged between 25.39 and 39.42.

Assoc Prof Samphan Phanphruk, who heads the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (NIETS), yesterday said some students scored zero on the English, mathematics and physics tests.

“At the same time, some test-takers received full marks in Mathematics, physics and chemistry,” he said.

Some 27 students got full marks in Mathematics, 13 in physics and one in chemistry, he said.

The O-Net scores are very important to Mathayom 6 students because they are used as university-admission criteria.

Samphan said students who doubted their O-Net scores could file requests to see their exam papers until tomorrow(Feb13). “We will allow those who submit requests to see the papers on February 22,” he said.

NIETS released the latest O-Net scores via its website on Monday evening.

On Monday, NIETS admitted that a question on the O-Net art-exam paper for Mathayom 3 students contained an error, adding that the agency would give all test-takers 2.5 points for the question.

Samphan said an initial probe found the mistake occurred during the proof-reading process, resulting in National Artist Jamriang Putpradap’s name being written as Jamriang Pornpradap.

Caretaker Education Minister Chaturon Chaisang acknowledged that the process of putting together exams might not be error-proof, but said the agency needed to improve and work to prevent such mistakes as much as possible.


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