Lottery tickets go missing

national June 20, 2014 00:00

A total of 42,800 lottery tickets for the July 1 draw went missing earlier this month while being transported from a post office to the city hall in Ayutthaya province

Authorities have filed a complaint with police and suspended the missing numbers They also promised a reward of Bt10,000 for each pack of lottery tickets returned

Worawat Promyu, 25, driver of the pickup told police that on June 5, he left the post office with 16 packs of lottery tickets at 1.45pm Each pack contained 21,400 tickets.

"In line with normal procedure, the lotteries were being transported to the City Hall for later distribution by officials,” he said.

However, as he drove past Chaimongkon Temple, he noticed in the back mirror that the doors to the container were open He stopped the vehicle and checked the contents.

He found two packs of 42,800 lottery tickets had gone missing He retraced his steps but was unable to find them His office was alerted about the disappearance and filed a report with police.

Police said that anyone who had picked up the tickets must return them at once or face legal action Those who have already bought one or more tickets for the July 1 draw should check if these are among the missing numbers.

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