Locals asked to refrain from gold digging

national May 29, 2014 00:00

By Kanya Khamnurak
The Nation, P

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The Fine Arts Department has asked people to stop digging for gold on a plot of land where giant gold sheets, very likely from ancient times, were discovered earlier this week.

Locals, however, continued to look for gold at the plot yesterday.

Arnat Bamrungwong, who heads the Fine Arts Office 14, said the gold sheets found at a palm plantation in Khao Chaison district were of a similar size of those used to adorn the Phra Borommathat Chedi -- a historical site and sacred religious structure in the province.

“We wish to cordon off the area for experts to conduct proper explorations and excavations,” he said.

He said the historical significance of the items could be worth much more than any financial value.

Supakorn Chuaiporm, 32, said he had found several gold sheets on Tuesday and each could fetch more than Bt40,000.

“I hope I can find some more,” he said as he continued digging.

Several local villagers were also seen looking for gold at the plot. No one was willing to divulge whether they discovered gold yesterday.

However, word spread that at least two gold pieces were obtained from the plot yesterday.


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