Layoffs begin in Ayutthaya

national November 25, 2011 00:00

By The Nation

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Fourteen factories in Ayutthaya province that were hit hard by the recent flood disaster have laid off 3,787 workers, Ayutthaya's Labour Protection and Welfare official Wannarat Srisuksai said yesterday.


The businesses have agreed to pay a total of Bt91 million in compensations as required by law and the laid off workers will also be paid 50 per cent of their wage every month for six months by the Social Security Office, he said. 
He added that this number was still small compared to the 300,000 workers in the other 5,000 factories in Ayutthaya who might end up getting laid off. Meanwhile, the Labour Ministry has reported that there are 50,000 vacancies in areas not affected by floods. 
Wannarat said factories that continued hiring workers even though flood conditions stopped them from manufacturing goods could register with his office to get Bt2,000 per employee for three months. However, he said, this money would only be paid if the workers are given at least 75 per cent of their salary. 

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