Large hauls of pot, yaba found

national August 25, 2014 01:00

By Kawintra Jaiseu
The Nation

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POLICE ARE investigating a big haul of marijuana - 114 kilos wrapped in transparent plastic and another 100 kilos sealed with foil.

“We suspect the foil is used for a reason, perhaps for a new formula of marijuana mixture or for export,” Pol Lt Col Anan Wichasetthasamit said at a press conference yesterday. He is a Highway Police inspector.
Anan said police intercepted a car on the Mitrapab Road in Khon Kaen’s Phon district in response to a tip that traffickers were carrying a huge amount of marijuana to Chon Buri.
After police flagged down the suspicious car, its driver dashed into the roadside forest and vanished. But police found a man inside the car along with 214 kilos of marijuana.
The arrested man, Sonthaya Leethonha, denied any wrongdoing. He said he knew nothing about the marijuana that was inside fertiliser sacks. “The car owner is my neighbour and he offered me a free ride back to Pattaya, where I worked in a garage,” Sonthaya said.
He identified the driver as Seeta Khamsawas. Anan said police would try to nail down Seeta and that they were investigating the case further.
Yesterday, Deputy National Police Commissioner General Somyot Poompanmoung announced a haul of 1.6 million yaba tablets and the arrest of two suspects.
Deputy National Commissioner General Pongsapat Pongcharoen said Sunthorn Sawangpeng, 32, and Suchit Noodam, 54, were arrested on Thursday in Bueng Kan province with the huge amount of methampethamine (yaba). 
“We believe this case is related to several other drug cases, including the one involving Pol Colonel Chamnarn Phumpaijit,” Pongsapat said. 
Chamnarn, a deputy superintendent of a police station in Chiang Mai province, was arrested at a checkpoint last week for allegedly having 800,000 methamphetamine pills and other drugs.

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