Kids the bestread in country as habit spreads

national April 24, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Thai people are spending more time on reading - 37 minutes per day - a 10-per-cent increase from the 2011's findings, according to a 2013 survey on Thai reading habits.

The survey is conducted every two years by Thailand Knowledge Park (TK Park) and the National Statistical Office, said the office’s director, Viboondhat Sudhantanakit.

The 2013 survey, conducted among 55,920 households, found that 81.8 per cent of Thais over six years old read books and similar material, and each person reads about 37 minutes per day, he said.

The reading survey covered all books and included inside-classroom or outside-classroom reading and electronic media reading.

When considered by age group, the survey found children read the most at 91.5 per cent, followed by youths at 90.1 per cent, adults at 83.1 per cent and the elderly at 57.8 per cent.

When considered by region, Bangkok residents read the most at 94.6 per cent, followed by the Central, the South, the North and the Northeast regions respectively.

The survey found that the media Thai people read the most were: newspapers at 73.7 per cent, journals (55.1 per cent), academic books (49.2 per cent), magazines (45.6 per cent), religious books (41.2 per cent), novels/cartoons/leisure books (38.5 per cent), and school textbooks (29.5 per cent). People read mostly at home, followed by private locations, workplaces and schools, the survey found.

The survey also recommended that Thai authorities campaign for more reading by lowering book prices, instilling the love of reading via the family, getting schools to organise reading campaigns, providing public libraries in communities and adjusting book content to make it simpler and easier to read.