Illegal migrants found in Sa Kaew and Northeast

national May 10, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

Authorities in Sa Kaew rounded up 54 Cambodians early yesterday, who had fled severe drought and poverty in their homeland in the hope to getting work in Bangkok.

Meanwhile, Immigration police in Nong Khai arrested five Vietnamese who had overstayed their 30-day visas and worked illegally. 
They were reportedly set to leave the country when detained.
Following a report that Cambodians crawled under the border fence north of Rong Kleu Market in Sa Kaew’s Aranyaprathet district, police yesterday searched the area and found 54 Cambodians – 24 men, 22 women and eight children – who were unable to present travel documents or work permits. 
Nong Khai Immigration Police announced the arrest of three women and two men from Vietnam for overstaying their visas and working without permission. 
The group – including a 49-year-old woman who had stayed in Thailand illegally for 13 years – was found on a Bangkok-Nong Khai bus. 
They are due to be deported.

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