Homchong family survivor 'not entitled to inheritance'

national April 09, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Niwat Kaewluan, secretary-general of the Lawyers Council of Thailand, yesterday confirmed that the young man who allegedly had his parents and elder brother killed over family assets worth Bt120 million would not, under the Thai civil code, receive his in

Under Article 1629, children, parents, siblings, half-siblings, grandparents and parents’ siblings is the order in which family members can inherit, while Article 1603 specifies that family assets can only be given to legitimate persons who have lawful rights or according to the will, he explained. 
Meanwhile, Bangkok police deputy chief Thitirat Nonghanpitak said police have been transparent in the investigation into the Homchong family murders. Also, suspected gunman Sirichai Phermpoonsak, who surrendered on Sunday, has been taken to apply for detention at Thon Buri Court. He added that the gun retrieved from the home of a relative of Sirichai matched the murder weapon. 
Sirichai was the fifth man arrested, in addition to the surviving family member and alleged murder mastermind Kittinan Homchong, 22; his close friend Sakrin Panthukul, 22; the alleged driver of the getaway taxi Chalard Thiengtham, 53; and Sirichai’s alleged accomplice, Surapong Chupan, 47.
Thitirat said investigators believed that Kittinan hired the gunman to kill his parents and elder brother so he could get his hands on the family assets. Kittinan also allegedly borrowed Bt50,000 from his older brother to pay the gunman.