Insurance executive shot dead by Swiss husband: police

national July 27, 2014 00:00

By The Sunday Nation

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High society figure Kritaya Lamsam, an executive at Muang Thai Insurance, was shot dead by her Swiss husband at their Bangkok home on Friday evening, police said yesterday.

Police Region Five commander Maj-General Suebsak Pansuri said it appeared Redo Kastellassi, 55, killed the 48-year-old before turning the gun on himself.
Kritaya’s body was found in a bedroom and her husband’s body was found in a bathroom on the second floor of the Lamsam family’s six-floor luxury condominium on Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Road, Sathorn.
The couple had lived there with members of the Lamsam family.
Suebsak said Kritaya was shot in the head.  
He said an 11mm gun was found in the bathroom and a 9mm gun, a Magnum gun and seven cartridges were also discovered.
Police interviewed Kritaya’s relatives and a maid who lived with the couple and believed Kastellassi killed his wife while she was packing a bag to leave after they argued.
He had been treated for neurosis and was taking medication, Suebsak said.
Suebsak said the maid had revealed that before the incident the couple had gone cycling together and returned to have dinner at 6pm. 
He said the maid was ironing clothes in another room when she heard several gunshots at around 8pm, prompting her to alert Kritaya’s relatives to call police.
A source said Kritaya’s relatives said the guns found in the condominium belonged to Kritaya, who was a keen shooter. 
Her family had warned her against keeping the guns at home for fear of something like this happening due to Kastellassi being mentally unstable.

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