Gynaecologist sentenced to death for dismembering his wife released from prison

national August 04, 2014 14:55

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Dr Wisut Boonkasemsanti, a gynaecologist who was found guilty of dismembering his wife's body and flushing her remains down toilets to cover up his grisly crime in 2001, was released from jail today.

He was sentenced to death in 2007. The release was in accordance with the rules of the Corrections Department, as the doctor has already served twothirds of his punishment – 10 years and 10 months – and he has remaining jail time of three years, two months and five days.
His behaviour while in prison was reported as exemplary and he already received two royal pardons, further reducing his sentence
Corrections Department’s director general Witthaya Suriyawongse said Wisut is still under observation and he has to report to parole officials every month. He is prohibited from travelling overseas.

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