Go for jobs you like, work placement firm says

national May 03, 2014 00:00

By Mayuree Sukyingcharoenwong

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With many university graduates unsure what career to pursue, the advice from a leading provider of work "solutions" - Adecco Consulting - is "go for jobs you like".

“If you don’t have fun working, your performance won’t be good. You won’t find any inspiration to improve,” Tidarat Kanchanawat, the firm’s regional director for Thailand and Vietnam said at a recent forum. 
Held on Wednesday, the Adecco Way to Work conference attracted hundreds of students and young graduates. It offered a free lecture, free counselling and various free activities designed to help the young participants identify their potential, interest and strengths. 
“Their interest and strengths should be the key factors when it comes to choosing a career. Don’t sim?ply go for the field you have graduat?ed in,” Tidarat said. 
Wirunpon Suwannoi, 23, a sys?tems analyst at Free Will Solution, said he had registered for the Adecco Way to Work activities because he was not receiving job satisfaction and was looking for advice. 
“I have studied IT. So, I’ve got into this field. But after I started working, I found out that I didn’t like this kind of job,” he lamented.
He has worked in his current job for about a year and feels unhappy. 
After listening to Tidarat’s advice, Wirunpon now plans to look for jobs in which he could use his planning and organising skills.
“I used to be a student leader. Back then, I had fun organising activities and solving problems that arose,” he said.  Benjapan Somwong, 23, a third-year student at Burapha University, said she ended up in a logistics pro?gramme because her scores were not high enough to secure a place at her favoured programme. 
“During my study, I’ve come to realise that I don’t like logistics,” she said. So Benjapan also went to the Adecco forum in search of advice. 
“Thanks to Adecco’s advice, I’ve decided not to just try out a job as a trainee first. I should start working as an employee because that’s the way I can earn a salary and get to the real work, not just some small errands like photocopying and carrying docu?ments around,” she said. 

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