Getting into the spirit of Songkran

national April 12, 2014 00:00

By Kornchanok Raksaseri

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Over the past few days social media users have begun to talk about and celebrate Songkran, the New Year celebration for Thailand and countries within this region.

The US Embassy was an early bird to celebrate Songkran with a video clip “Sook Sun Wan Songkran from US Embassy Bangkok!” 
On Twitter, @willythuan posted a link to his article “Songkran 2014 in Phuket” at It gives tips for Songkran Day. 
@TikNipada posted: I want to water play already. Please have a safe trip to provinces, all. 
@Cake_NBC also posted a series of pictures of Songkran in Chiang Mai in the days of yore. 
Meanwhile, the Tourism Authority @go2Thailand has a lot of tips about where and how to celebrate in Thailand, as well as the history of Songkran linked to Hindu beliefs. 
It also invited people to use hashtag #songkranthailand while sharing related tweets.
On Facebook, Banyong Suwanpong explained that Thai tradition is for younger people to pour water on the hands of the elderly and ask for blessings, not vice versa.
Chill FM89 has come up with a list of famous restaurants in Bangkok, plus details on whether they are open or closed during the festive period. The information was updated as of April 8. 
Meanwhile, Titan Nova shared a graphic of “hand signals” to be used in water battles over Songkran. 
They include an “OK” hand gesture that means, “A lot of pretty ladies this way”. All the signals are used with a (water) gun in one hand.
Bie the Ska posted a video of funny choreographed dance moves for Songkran that fun-lovers might like but hope they don’t step on anyone’s toes. Otherwise, the last skit would not have been called, “Run, let’s run”. The video clip can be found on YouTube at
A big issue during this major festival is safety. And that goes from personal safety, gadget protection to public concerns like traffic safety. 
Like many others, Nation Channel shares useful phone numbers to be kept handy during this time. 
Some key numbers include 1669 for Emergency Medical Services, 199 for the fire brigade, 1197 for traffic centre and 191 for emergencies in general.

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