GLO to insure lottery ticket deliveries in future

national June 26, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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THE GOVERNMENT Lottery Office (GLO) is considering insurance cover for lottery ticket deliveries after 42,800 tickets for the July 1 round, worth some Bt1.7 million, went missing.

The tickets had been dispatched through Thailand Post, which was later held accountable for only Bt2,000 in compensation, said deputy director Kuntheera Tantirungsi yesterday. 
Kuntheera urged Thailand Post to consider additional compensation because the amount paid was so much less than the real value. 
She said GLO in future would insure ticket deliveries to other provinces and would deal with the increase in costs. The missing tickets wouldn’t affect the July 1 round because the numbers were frozen and they could not be cashed. In such cases, the prize would be returned to the state.
To tackle another problem, of overpriced tickets, GLO would ask for co-operation from lottery agents with a quota for over 5,000 ticket books to sell a pair of tickets at Bt80, starting from the July 16 round. GLO is also urging provincial authorities to ensure the retail sellers’ pricing is at an appropriate rate.
Meanwhile, lottery-related organisations went to the Government House yesterday to request the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) to help solve the overpriced lottery ticket issue and reform the Thai lottery system.
They called for a transparent new GLO board to spend lottery income on social development projects, the dismissal of the current ticket quota, and a probe into the current GLO budget spending.

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