Foreign inmate boasts of drug activity in Bang Khwang on YouTube

national July 20, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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A video clip posted on YouTube showing a Western inmate at Bang Khwang maximum-security prison doing drugs and telling stories about how he and other inmates are able to freely use the Internet and make phone calls is genuine, Corrections Department direc

He said the inmate in question was an American, identifying him merely as “Jessie”. The inmate offers no information on how he shot the clip or who uploaded it to the popular website.

“The clip was shot some time around last October, before I took this position,” Suchart said. He did not confirm the activities by other inmates mentioned by “Jessie”.

“The clip was uploaded by a person based in the United States and we do not know how it was taken out of the Bang Khwang prison and given to the uploader,” he said.

Officials have seized the mobile phone used to shoot the clip, which was made before a recent crackdown on inprison drug dealing and possession of contraband items, he said.

Meanwhile, police arrested five suspects and seized 64,000 amphetamine tablets and two kilos of crystal methamphetamine, or “ice”, from them as one of them was preparing to travel to the South to deliver the narcotics.

A suspect, truck driver Jehmuhammad Jeharong, said he was ordered by an inmate at Songkhla Provincial Prison through telephone calls to pick up the drugs at a home in northern Bangkok, and deliver them to an address in the South. Jehmuhammad said he had run drugs for Sandi Jehwae four times and been paid Bt200,000 each run.

The other four suspects are all based in the South. Sirirat Phoonkaew is accused of receiving the “ice” and reselling it, while Abdulhamae Hama, his wife Ceeti Sara Yeh and Russalan Seng buy the tablets and resell them, police said. Police are finding out whether the drug money was used to fund terror attacks in the deep South.

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