Foam container ban bid

national March 10, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

A Kasetsart University doctorate candidate has launched an online petition in a bid to have foam containers banned from food shops due to the product's health and environmental hazards.

Within a few hours of unveiling the campaign on website, Wuthipong Pangjai said his supporter base rose substantially. 
He said he felt more confident his drive would gain further support and finally achieve a token of victory that would eventually lead to foam containers being banned.
The university’s Property Management Unit agreed with his move, he said, and had been encouraging food shops on the campus to serve food on dishes and in bowls and only use foam containers for to-go orders.
At the request of business owners, only food shops in the main cafeterias are compiling at this stage.
Wuthipong said his next move was to try and have plastic cups banned on campus and replaced by glass.
He said the image of foam containers spilling out from trash cans at food courts and cafeterias prompted his push for a foam-free environment on campus. 
He grew up in an environmentally conscious family.
A doctorate candidate under the Faculty of Science and Environment Department, Wuthipong said he was concerned about the use of foam products and food containers in general.
He said foam contained a carcinogenic substance, and caused environmental harm through its production while it took 450 years for it to decay.
His campaign, located at, was launched on February 27 with various activities involving by Kasetsart University students and university officials, including a parade and a campaign movie shown on the facility’s in-house television channels.
A meeting between Wuthipong’s group, the university’s Property Management Unit and food shop owners is scheduled for this month, with vendors from companies selling environment-friendly containers also invited.