Father rejects report singer Phatchara killed herself

national October 14, 2012 00:00

By Thawatchai Krittayaworakul

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The father of singer Phatchara Waeng-wan yesterday rejected the idea that his daughter would take her own life.

The singer was initially said to have died in a car accident in the US, but this was followed by stories that she hanged herself. 

Kosol Waengwan, who is now divorced from Phatchara’s mother and married to another woman from Roi Et’s Pon Thong district, said he would contact the Thai Consulate in Los Angeles to clear up the cause of death and whether Phatchara may have been murdered. 
Phatchara’s mother Srisudarat said she would contact Phatchara’s husband, a police officer, to help shed light on the case before her daughter’s body is returned to Thailand for a funeral.
Kosol said he was confused about the cause of death. He said he was inclined to believe the initial reports of a car accident, because Phatchara liked to drive fast. 
“But I can’t believe the later reports of suicide. Since her childhood, I’ve never known her to be that kind of person; she was cheerful and didn’t get stressed. When her parents separated, she was the one who dealt with it best, and even comforted her mum and dad. She knew how to let go and she was a fighter [when encountering obstacles],” Kosol said, adding that Phatchara’s mum and brother also refused to believe suicide was the cause. 
“I had three sons and one daughter – Phatchara. When I lost two sons, Phatchara comforted everyone. It’s impossible that she was suicidal; if she had problems she would have told us. But she never did – she said everything was fine.”
Srisudarat told a Channel 3 news programme she was grief-stricken by Phatchara’s death and still confused over the cause. She said she had been in constant contact by phone with Phatchara, who sent home Bt20,000 to Bt30,000 every month, adding that Phatchara never mentioned having any problems. She expected to take custody of Phatchara’s body in December for the funeral.

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