Employers seek changes in law to cut down on number of disabled staff

national January 30, 2014 00:00

By Thammaraj Kijchalong
The Nati

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RAYONG-BASED businesses are proposing several changes to a law that has a direct impact on people with physical disabilities.

For instance, they want to lower the minimum job quota |for the physically disabled versus able-bodied people from 1:100 to 1:200.

“We will have to discuss their proposals with relevant agencies including the Social Development and Human Security Ministry,” said Sumet Mahosot, the Labour Ministry’s deputy permanent secretary.

He added that the proposals were brought up at a recent meeting between Rayong-based businesses and the Labour Ministry in relation to the Promotion of Quality of Life among People with Physical Disabilities Act BE 2550.

In line with this act, the Labour Ministry requires employers to contribute Bt300 per day or Bt109,500 per year to a fund used to improve the lives of the disabled if they fail to employ at least one disabled person in a workforce of 100.

Employers who do not wish to contribute financially have an option to help people with disabilities in other forms, such as granting them space to sell products or services to earn a living.

Sumet said the entrepreneurs also demanded that they be allowed to help manage the fund, adding that 85 per cent of the fund’s finances came from employers.


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