Elderly to outnumber kids in seven years

national April 11, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

Ahead of the National Day of the Elderly on Sunday, the Mental Health Department declared that Thailand would become a complete ageing society in the next seven years. The Kingdom already ranks second after Singapore with the highest number of elderly peo

Department chief Jedsada Chockdamrongsuk said the latest census on December 31 showed that there were some 9 million people over the age of 60, representing 14 per cent of the population. Jedsada added that the number of elderly in Thailand would rise to 13 million, or one-fifth of the population, in the next seven years, hence turning Thailand into a fully ageing society in 2021.

A society is considered ageing when the number of people over the age of 60 exceeds the number of children, he explained.