EM balls effective : academics

national November 09, 2011 00:00

By The Nation
Photo : Sukul Kerd

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EM balls can control pollution in flood water, experts at Srinakharinwirot University said yesterday.

“They are effective,” Assoc Prof Sumalee Leungsakul said. She is the dean of the university’s Faculty of Culture, Environment and Eco-tourism.

Sumalee said her university was now handing out the effective micro-organism balls to flood victims. The Tamaka sugar factory in Kanchanaburi has donated molasses for their production. 
Many Bangkok residents have sought EM balls to tackle the filthy, smelly flood water around their homes, but their effectiveness has been questioned in recent days. 
Dr Sanong Thongpan, who has had eight years of experience in treating polluted water for Srinakharin-wirot University, agrees that the EM balls are effective. 
“It’s just that the micro-organisms used for them must have the ability to dispose of starch, fat and protein in flood water. Their micro-organisms must be from the bacillus subtilis and nitro-factor groups,” he said. 
Sanong said users should break up the EM balls into small bits before throwing them into the flood water. 
“For every 10 cubic metres of water, you should use just two EM balls,” he said, “If you use them correctly, water quality should improve within one week”. 

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