Drought hits Satun islands

national March 07, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Several Satun islands, including the highly popular Lipe, have been struggling with a water shortage.

The islands are located in Langu district, which has officially been declared a drought zone. 
“We are delivering help,” Deputy Satun Governor Veeranan Penchan said yesterday. 
Tambon Ko Sarai Administrative Organisation chairman Den Mongleh said his organisation had allocated Bt500,000 for the purchase of fresh water for people in drought zones. 
“For example, there are about 4,300 people on Sarai Island and together they need about 10,000 cubic metres of water each day,” Dan said.
He said the situation in Lipe – a tourist island – was serious.
“The situation is getting critical,” he said.
In Trang, more than 50,000 people have been badly affected by drought, with eight of the southern province’s 10 districts drought zones. 
In another southern province, Ranong, drought has struck five districts, affecting farms and livestock. 
“There has been no rain at all during the past four months,” the province’s disaster prevention and mitigation chief Chawalit Nitornrat said. 
Drought has also ravaged several northeasthern provinces. 
Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra yesterday attended a meeting looking into the problem. 
“Si Sa Ket, Kalasin and Bueng Kan, for example, have drought problems,” she said. 
Yingluck said relevant authorities would work closely with the provincial governors of drought-hit areas to prevent or minimise the water shortage. 
In general, she said there should be adequate water for paddy fields during the farming season. 
“But farmers should consult relevant officials before they start the off-season paddy fields,” she said. 

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