Drinking from plastic bottles left in cars 'not dangerous'

national June 04, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Drinking water from plastic bottles that have grown hot after being left in cars is safe, said Department of Medical Sciences director-general Dr Aphichai Mongkol on Monday .

E-mails, now dismissed as hoaxes, have been doing the rounds for a few years warning about the so-called dangers of plastic bottles, containers and films.

The e-mails generally claim that drinking water from hot plastic bottles releases cancer-causing chemicals called dioxins. But a study by the Department of Medical Sciences found no dangers in drinking such water.

The experiment was conducted |on 18 different brands of drinking water. The scientists left the plastic bottles in the cars for one day and seven days before studying if the water contained cancer-causing chemicals. They found no traces of dioxins.


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