Dozens affected as tear-gas canister opened during drill

national April 20, 2014 00:00

By The Sunday Nation

Dozens of people were affected when a tear-gas canister was opened during an explosive-items training exercise at Bangkok's Bang Phlat district office yesterday.

The exercise was attended by about 200 city employees and overseen by Group Captain Sompop Pitasen of the Air Force Ordinance Department’s explosive ordinance disposal team. 
District director assistant Sabaitip Thienwattanajinda said that about 40 people were affected, with 14 sent to hospital after having an allergic reaction. 
She said that after explosive samples were shown to people, someone pulled out the canister’s safety pin. 
People ran out of the room while many choked and had a mild eye irritation, she said, adding that the exercise resumed after people were provided with first aid.

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