Days of reflection - on Asean, and mothers

national August 09, 2014 01:00

By Kornchanok Raksaseri

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Many interesting pieces of information and acts of friendship were shared on social media yesterday to celebrate Asean's 47th birthday.

The ‘Asean Community’ page on Facebook detailed the events of August 8, 1967, when the foreign ministers of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand sat down together at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok and signed the Asean Declaration, which gave birth to the Association of South East Asian Nations. 
The page often shares nice pictures and short notes about cultural aspects of the countries in Asean. Its administrators come from different countries in the region. 
Yesterday they posted pictures from different countries that were taken by the winners of a photo contest they organised. 
For journalists, the ‘Asean Journalists Club’ page is a community where the press can share questions and information, discuss matters and schedule Asean-related events. 
‘Good Morning Asean’, meanwhile, is a page of MCOT programmes on Asean, while the ‘Sawasdee Asean/Myanmar’ page relates to a Nation TV programme.
The latter page recently shared the translation of Myanmar’s Happy Mingalaba stickers that are provided on Line.
Other pages focus on the Asean Economic Community, such as the ‘AEC’, ‘AEC Geek’ and ‘Kasemsant_AEC’ pages. 
Many conferences, meetings and seminars were held yesterday. 
@Prakai_Bizweek, a board member of Asean Journalists Club from the Thai Journalists Association, shared the content from the seminar she attended, which gave an update on the progress toward the Asean Community.
If you search #Asean on Twitter, you will find many students shared comments about activities they were assigned to do at schools, such as dressing in Asean attire. 
Besides Asean, an important day for Thais is also coming – Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday on August 12, which is also marked as Mother’s Day nationwide every year.  
Many Facebook users, both mothers and fathers, posted pictures or messages about their children having activities to commemorate Mothers’ Day on Tuesday.
Attayuth Bootsripoom, however, wants schools to stop staging Mother’s Day activities and to invite parents to attend.
Attayuth wrote on Facebook: “Many schools ask mothers to attend an activity at the school. May I say it again that such activities are cruelly hurting some children. Not every child is born with a perfect family like others.” 
Many other people are sharing stories about their mothers online. 
For example, there was a story about a revered monk telling a woman who presented alms to him every morning to first treat her mother well before making merit with monks.
Many people shared versions of famous songs that pay tribute to mothers and fathers such as ‘Ka Nam Nom’ (‘The Value of Mother’s Milk’) and ‘Krai Nor’ (‘Guess Who’).
Over the long weekend, you might want to check out these songs to celebrate Mother’s Day.

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