Customs seizes cars stolen in Malaysia

national June 10, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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The Customs Department has seized 30 automobiles on grounds they were sent into its clearance process with false declarations.

Of these automobiles that are worth more than Bt21.6 million, seven were allegedly stolen from their legitimate owners in Malaysia.
The department’s director-general Rakop Srisupaat said yesterday that customs officials closely checked the imported cars after being informed by the Malaysian Embassy in Thailand that some vehicles stolen in Malaysia were being sent into Thailand.
“They were amid brand-new cars with declarations that they were new vehicles,” Rakop said.
Rakop vowed to investigate the case further to determine whether any Thai customs officials were involved in the smuggling.
Malaysian Ambassador Nazirah binti Hussain praised Thailand’s Customs Department for helping to track down the stolen vehicles