Court rejects arrest warrants for Lak Si shooting suspects

national February 14, 2014 00:00


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THE CRIMINAL Court yesterday declined to approve arrest warrants sought by police for three men allegedly seen carrying and firing weapons during a shooting at the Lak Si Intersection in northern Bangkok this month, saying that pictorial evidence obtained

Suspect Wiwat is accused of being the so-called “popcorn gunman” who fired an automatic weapon from a large plastic sack. Police said Wiwat was also wanted on a drug-related offence. The other man whose face has been seen in images is allegedly Surachet, while the third man was identified merely as Danai. 
Police have identified Surachet and Danai as security guards working for the anti-government People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC).
Pol Maj-General Khajornsak Parnsakhon, speaking after learning of the court’s decision, said police would need a few days to gather additional evidence. He said another four suspects in the shooting had been identified, for whom arrest warrants would be sought. Warrants would be sought for a total of 21 suspects, police said.
The shooting took place on February 1 when PDRC protesters travelled from the inner city to Lak Si District Office to blockade a ballot-storage site inside the compound. They were confronted by a group of pro-government red shirts, and gunfights ensued, leaving six people wounded. An ongoing investigation has yet to determine which side opened fire, or whether there were armed men blending in with the red-shirt crowd shooting at PDRC protesters.

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