Community complains about access road to FROC HQ

national November 07, 2011 00:00

By The Nation

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A community yesterday cried foul over the construction of a special road for government leaders to access the Flood Relief Operations Centre (FROC), saying it has blocked drainage of floodwater.


Despite the worsening inundation at the Lat Phrao Intersection, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said the FROC would not be relocated for the second time to Bitec in Bang Na as speculated.
The FROC had to abandon its first office at Don Mueang Airport and set up in the Energy Complex further down the road.
Residents of the Train community on VibhavadiRangsit Soi 11 complained that a ramp linking the FROC’s office to the Don Muang Tollway had trapped floodwater.
After the flood reached the Lat Phrao Intersection, the government raised the exit ramp from the elevated highway by about a metre above the surface road with crushed rocks and big sandbags. 
A resident, who asked not to be named, said that after the road was heightened, it prevented floodwaters from flowing to two pumps at a canal nearby and caused the water in his community to double in height.
The special road did not have to be built, as Cabinet members and authorities could take a detour on Kamphaeng Phet Road, he said.
“They may waste a bit of their time, but it will save the budget,” he said.
The government should have learned a lesson when the flood finally forced FROC to relocate the first time.
The FROC should have moved again instead of raising the road.
But the residents of the community would not protest, he added.
As of 2pm, the flood on the road in front of the Energy Complex was 8090 centimetres deep while the inbound lanes leading to Lat Phrao were at about one metre.
Floodwater continued to gush out of sewers and the Phayathai office of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority was entirely swamped under about 20cm of water.
Water also spilled out of sewers at the mouth of Vibhavadi Soi 11. The Train Communities 11 to 19 were under 4080cm of water.
Most residents decided to stay on the second floor instead of evacuating.

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