Chuwit's tip on gambling den proves correct

national June 21, 2014 00:00

By Phathinya Iamtan,
Supachai Pe

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Police will invite Rak Prathet Thai Party leader Chuwit Kamolvisit to provide more information on gambling dens, after a tip-off he made a few years ago proved good.

“We welcome information from all sides and we will ask Chuwit for some too,” Deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner Aek Angsananont said yesterday. 
He was speaking after a joint team of police and soldiers raided a building in Wang Thong Lang in Bangkok and found a large amount of gambling equipment there. The building was a site that Chuwit said a gambling den had operated a few years ago. A raid at that time, however, did not turn up any gambling equipment. 
Wang Thong Lang District Office chief Thanita Praewanich said yesterday the den had operated at a place registered as a golf driving range. “We will find out the identity of the owner,” she said. 
Known as “Number One” gambling den, the building was equipped with baccarat desks and several types of gambling equipment. 
During the raid on Thursday, officials arrested 37 suspects – 23 Cambodians, 12 Thais and two from Myanmar. The suspects said they were hired to move the gambling equipment out of the premises but police arrived before they got the chance. 
“We are serious about cracking down on gambling dens,” Aek said yesterday, dismissing any speculation that police may allow such illegal activities to prosper. 
He said Thursday’s raid was possible largely because of Metropolitan Police Division 4. An investigation is ongoing. 

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