Car of slain teacher found in Tak Bai

national January 26, 2013 00:00

By The Nation

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The Nissan sedan stolen by insurgents after they shot dead a teacher in Narathiwat's Bacho district on Wednesday was discovered in Tak Bai district yesterday.


Chonthee Charoenchon, 51, died from two gunshots to his head at the school canteen during lunch, in the vicinity of up to 300 students. The killers, arriving on two motorcycles, entered the campus in the guise of being parents. 
After Chonthee was shot, the attackers snatched his keys and made off with the victim’s Nissan sedan. 
In the wake of the killing, the teachers’ network decided to get all 378 schools in Narathiwat province to close yesterday until Monday. 
Meanwhile, police found the stolen car in a forested area in tambon Praiwan at about 1pm after a tip-off. 
The bomb squad spent about 20 minutes inspecting the car before forensics officials took over to look for fingerprints. 
Police believe the car was left there for the insurgents to use in a car-bomb attack. 
A security camera in Yi-ngor district also captured images of the car. 

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