Car bombs in the far South: 40 over past decade

national April 13, 2014 00:00

By The Sunday Nation

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In the 10-plus years since 2004 up till last Sunday, when there were multiple explosions in Yala, the far South has seen a total of 40 car bomb attacks. Narathiwat has had the highest number with 21 blasts.

From January 4, 2004 to February 9, 2012, the Royal Thai Police said there were 28 car bombs: three in Pattani, seven in Yala and 18 in Narathiwat. 
Isara news agency reported another 12 car bombs since February 9, 2012: three in Pattani, four in Yala, three in Narathiwat and two in Songkhla. 
Here are the details of the 12 recent car bombs: 
March 31: Three bombs, one in a car and two in motorcycles, exploded in downtown Yala, killing 10 and injuring nearly 100 others. 
March 31: Explosion at Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel in Hat Yai in Songkhla, killing three and injuring 416.
July 20: Explosion outside a business in Narathiwat’s Sungai Kolok district, wounding several.
July 25: Explosion in Yala’s Raman district, killing five police officers and injuring one. 
July 31: Explosion at the rear of the CS Pattani Hotel in Pattani’s Muang district, wounding three people.
August 16: Explosion in a parking lot in front of Pattani’s Panare district office, no casualties.
September 20: Explosion at a market in tambon Taluban in Pattani’s Sai Buri district, killing three people and wounding 30 others.
November 3: Explosion in an intersection behind Narathiwat’s Rueso Police Station, killing two and injuring six others. 
February 10: Explosion in Yala’s Raman district, killing five soldiers and wounding one. 
March 1: Explosion outside a shop near Narathiwat’s Muang Narathiwat Police Station. 
December 22: Explosion in Songkhla’s Sadao district, nine people injured. 
April 6: Explosion outside the Raja Furniture Shop in downtown Yala, killing one and injuring 24 others. 
Until April 7, this year has seen 91 bombings in the far South: 23 in Pattani, 23 in Yala, 44 in Narathiwat and one in Songkhla’s Saba Yoi district.